Top 10 Reasons Businesses Podcast

Podcast Listeners are Engaged

Our Top 10 Reasons Businesses Podcast list will help you make the informed decision to launch a show now. NPRs National Public Media division says 75% of podcast listeners will take action from commercial messaging. They click on affiliate links, ads, buy merchandise and download additional content. Listeners also have more disposable income. In 2017, the average listener earned over US$75,000 per year.

More Content

Podcasting is an efficient way to create content for multiple information and marketing channels at the same time. Businesses are all trying to get more with the same resources – mostly time. Our clients tell us they were initially resistant to starting a podcast because they were concerned another activity would take too much time.

As a result, they say they should have done it sooner! One podcast becomes:

  • Show Notes and Articles: The topic synopsis and key points of the episode become useful show notes for your listeners that are published with the episode. Great for SEO.
  • Blog Posts: Your podcasts can become the basis for a great article
  • Social Media Posts: The highlights from your episodes can become social media posts – sometimes multiple posts. They can be accompanied by stand-out images related to your topic and link back to other channels.

More Reasons Businesses Podcast

  • Video Teasers and Audiograms: Clips or highlights from your podcast combined an image to make short social media posts. We can help show you how.
  • Video: Record yourself as you lay down your podcast tracks. You can post it on YouTube  or any other video platform. Camera shy? No problem! Combine highlights from your podcast episode with images to create a trailer for your podcast.
  • Live Video: Promote a live discussion with your audience around your podcast topic on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or a live webinar to engage your audience.
  • Email Marketing: Use the show notes for your newsletter, or as a stand-alone email. You can use them as an email to send to your subscribers as a promo.

Podcasts Drive Traffic to Your Website

The more people talk about you and your business, the more attention you receive. A podcast makes you the expert, gives you authority and mostly familiarity. Podcasting is a fairly low investment with a potentially huge return. As a result, added audience exposure will increase awareness of your business and create leads by increasing website traffic.

Extra Marketing Channel

Get the leg up on your competition. They are likely not podcasting – yet. People spend most of their time on phones and tablets. Your customers will take you with them and listen to you – more than once on average. When you are with your customers, your brand and product familiarity continue building.

Business podcasters are the experts in their field and the authority in their topic

You are The Expert

Your audience takes you with them wherever they go. You become the leading authority because you are able to cover a wide range of topics and keep your audiences attention. You can position yourself, brand or business as an authority by exploring topics in greater depth. By engaging in your conversation, the listener builds that familiarity and trust with you. That relationship is something no other medium can develop. In other words, you are missing our if you are not podcasting.

Staff Stay Connected

More employees work remotely. Businesses promote their culture and community in the office environment. When an employee works remotely, they don’t banter in the break room or chat in the hallway. We all know that isolation has a huge affect on people’s mental health and wellbeing. As a result, remote employees report lower motivation and don’t feel included.

Isolation is a form of torture commonly used in interrogations and prisons.

Podcasts help by connecting remote workers to their team. As a result, they stay connected, engaged and are ultimately more productive. Consequently, some clients have replaced department and company newsletters with podcasts, resulting in them feeling part of the team.

Podcasts Boost Company Culture

Company culture is critical to all organizations. Not only internally, but from a customer perspective as well. One of the top 10 reasons businesses podcast is to show who you are, what people can expect and your values. A podcast gives listeners a unique look “behind the scenes” into the people and what your business is up to.

You have a unique opportunity to shine, whether it’s something cool you are doing, a community event you support, new clients or anything else. You can put your business’ best parts in the spotlight so your customers get to know you better..

Drive Productivity

Remember the old days of meetings and one-on-ones? What about the dreaded video meetings? Internal newsletters, morning brief emails or general office hallway chats are effective ways to keep people in the loop. On the other hand, easy to digest digital content is the way forward.

Short internal podcasts are what businesses are using to help keep everyone informed without wasting time. Quick, information dense podcasts are more engaging than a page or two of words. Links to additional resources in show notes and other supports simplify the communication and engage.

Top 10 Reasons Businesses Podcast happy customers

Better Customer Relationships

Inboxes are full of messages trying to grab our attention. These messages are generally generic and a chore, consequently it’s a daily struggle for most. Podcasts are an intimate form of content delivery. Listeners become part of a conversation and develop a relationship with the podcaster. As a result, they are closer to your brand. This increased investment will increase the likelihood they will share your message with others.

Fun and Engaging

Most importantly, creating a podcast is a fun activity. That is why this is number one on this Top 10 Reasons Businesses Podcast list. Camera shy people will often agree to be on an episode. Many help with writing or research. It allows behind-the-scenes departments a chance to engage with customers.

The creation process brings out personalities and engagement. The pride in being a part of something new has significant benefits. Those remote workers can be a part of this fun project as well.

In conclusion, the podcast is a secret weapon you can’t afford to ignore. This medium is expanding at an incredible rate. Businesses who are at the forefront fare better than those who chase to catch up.

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