Digital content or digital media is everything you post on-line. DrewVOX Digital can help you optimize blog posts, videos, music, podcasts, documents, and images for maximum SEO impact. This is important because we rely on search engines to find them.

Search engines are massive databases full of digital content, like the old card catalogues in a library. The volume of information on the Internet is vast. SEO (search engine optimization) was developed to help these sites connect the user to content that best matches to their request.

In addition to the actual text of a website, or the name of an image, video or audio file, software engineers created additional methods to help deliver the most accurate results possible. These are “meta tags” (or elements). Search engines look for these in a web site’s background code to make these searches fast and as accurate as possible. The easier you make it for a search engine to categorize your content, the higher your rankings in search results.

Originally a list of words (key words) to describe the content of a web page were embedded in the website code. The same goes for image names and descriptions. Visitors don’t see this information, but search engines do. This has evolved beyond lists of words to phrases we speak into our devices, A.I. that listens to the audio content and so much more. Search engines check websites constantly for changing content and update themselves regularly to stay current. The best way to make sure you stay on top of SEO is to keep posting optimized content. As a result, your rankings stay high.

SEO Optimized Digital Content

Here’s where DrewVOX Digital comes in! We help you make great digital content that is optimized so search engines send visitors to your web site. In other words, the more search engine friendly content that is published, the easier it will be for people to find you. As a result, your rankings blow past competitors so you jump to the top of search results. This is where the Podcast stands out (it’s capitalized to show you how important it is).

How a podcast can be the heart of your digital marketing

A podcast can be:

  • Podcast (obviously)
  • Blog posts (one or many, depending on the length and breadth of content in each podcast episode)
  • How to video
  • Promo video – advertising the upcoming podcast episode, products/services and more
  • Newsletter article
  • Social media posts
  • Blog post
  • Targeted email

Efficient and Effective

One script can be a MINIMUM of 8 pieces of content. Minor tweaking of digital content for each social media channel takes little effort. Spreading out your posts and using a social media scheduler saves you time. Each post can also be used as a paid advertisement. You can recycle your digital media and use it again later, resulting in a lot of content as time goes on. Targeted paid ads are amplified by this organic approach. As a result, you get a big bang for your buck.

The beauty of a podcast is your audience takes it with them, and they pay attention to notifications from their podcast app. It won’t get lost in the clutter of the inbox. They subscribed and wanted to know when the next episode is posted! Podcasts can be the basis of a lot of content with minimal work. As a result, you saves time and money, builds a relationship with prospective clients and reinforces the connection with current clients.