Key to a Successful Podcast: Build and maintain momentum – practice what you preach, Drew


Hello, my friend. I’m back again. It’s Drew from DrewVOX talks and I got an exciting email a few weeks ago from my main podcast hosting platform Podbean, and they told me that we have over 5000 downloads. I find that really interesting since I ignored the podcast for about two years, which is not really great for a guy who’s supposed to be a marketer and a podcaster.

Successful Podcast; Where did DrewVOX Talks Go?

There was a lot going on in my personal life and I’ll tell you about that in the actual podcasts themselves. But first, I just wanted to say thank you so much. 5000 downloads. Wow, that’s so exciting! And that has really inspired me to get off my butt, get some more stuff going. So I have four podcasts right now in various stages of production.

I’ll be releasing those really soon, so watch for those in the next week or two. I’ll be sending out some information, but in the meantime, you’ve inspired me. So my first podcast is about authenticity and honesty. And as I went back and I listened to my podcast, it sounded great, like some guy in the nineties who was a radio announcer.

Wait, that was me. So we’re going with a little bit more authentic. So I actually wrote and recorded my own theme song and I’ve rerecorded new intro. This is what it sounds like:

Hi, my name’s Drew. My love of all things media started when I was a little kid. I would spend hours in my room with music making sounds, doing impressions, and making my own radio shows with my tape recorder. Then I went to college for broadcasting. I’ve been in the industry ever since. I love and enjoy helping people make great online content. So welcome to DrewVOX Talks..

DrewVOX Talks Updated Intro

Stay tuned, friends. I’ll let you know one more podcast. Episodes are up. Have a great day!

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